Basement Construction in London: Why Building a Basement in London is Beneficial

Basement Construction in London: Why Building a Basement in London is Beneficial

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Property prices in London continue to soar and many homeowners are unable to proceed up the property ladder if they require more space. By having a basement construction, or buying new construction homes with a basement, homeowners that require or want more space can create the additional space needed and significantly increase the value of their homes at a much smaller cost compared to moving to a new property.

5 Benefits of having a basement

In addition to the increase in the value of your property, having a basement brings several benefits.

1. Basement storage space

Even if your basement is unfinished it can still be used for storage. Having a large area for storage will enable you to store away those things that are no longer used daily and reduce the clutter in your home.

2. Added privacy

A basement is perfect for creating a family or guest accommodation, giving your guests more privacy and independence during their stay. It has the space to be converted into a bedroom with an ensuite and a living area.

3. Additional bedrooms and bathrooms

As time passes and your family grows, you will find you need more space, the square footage available in your basement can be transformed into additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

4. Increased home value

A finished basement is included in the square footage that will be advertised if you decide to sell in the future. So not only do you get the additional space you can look forward to a good return on your investment.

5. Recreational space

If you have children you know the bliss of having peace and quiet when you can escape them for a while. A basement can be transformed into a spacious recreation room for the kids and all their friends, taking them from under your feet. It can also be transformed into a recreational area for adults, with a pool table, bar and anything else that takes your fancy! A home office or a home gym? The options are limitless.

Some pointers about completing your basement

There are several types of basement construction methods, but before any basement construction UK work is done, there are specific steps that need to be taken.  A complete site inspection has to be performed. During this inspection, detailed measurements are taken, and basement construction plans are studied, including basement wall construction and access to your basement from the inside of your home. The majority of basement projects do not need planning permission but some specific cases do.

Once the physical basement excavation has been completed it is essential to have professional waterproofing carried out. Once your basement is watertight the rest of the basement fitting can begin, this includes electrical installation and installation of light systems and any additional structural elements that are needed.

When your basement construction is completed, problems with mould, dampness and stuffy air can occur if any mistakes have been made during construction. Therefore you must hire professional experienced contractors that deliver quality results with no mistakes.