The Importance of Groundworks When It Comes to Basement Construction

The Importance of Groundworks When It Comes to Basement Construction

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The initial step of every construction project, whether it’s basement construction or new construction homes with a basement, is the groundworks. The groundworks are a collection of jobs that are essential whether you are constructing buildings or performing house extensions.

The Importance of Groundworks When Constructing A Building

All construction requires groundworks to provide a strong foundation which will support the new structure being built. If you are considering basement construction, quality groundworks are essential if you want a successful result. When new homes are built the entire weight of the house is supported by the foundations, which are built by the groundworks team.

Before basement construction begins, a groundworks team will ensure that the groundwork and foundation of the building are completed correctly.
The first step of groundwork is laying the substructures and ground stabilisation, following this drainage and underpinning are performed. The next stage is basement construction and then finally the laying of water and gas pipes, electrical cables, fibre optics and telephone lines.

What Happens If the Groundwork is Missing or Not Completed Correctly

If the groundworks have not been carried out correctly, or if it is missing, this will lead to structural problems occurring. Especially reduced strength and instability. The construction may not be safe and will need additional work, such as, underpinning or putting in a new, secure foundation.

Why Is It Important To Damp Proof a Basement

Because of their position and location. All basements are susceptible to suffering from dampness, or even flooding, this includes new construction homes with a basement as well as older buildings. The majority of basements are under ground level and water cannot drain away easily. If you are planning a basement construction, basement waterproofing is essential if you don’t want to have damp problems or water damage. Your basement construction specialists can give you more information about basement waterproofing systems.

Water: How It Can Affect Your Basement Construction

When some homeowners attempt basement construction, they find the area is wet or even flooded. If this happens it is important to check the adjourning parts of your property to see where the cause of the water is. Common causes of flooding during basement construction include: damaged drainage systems, or blocked or damaged gutters.

Before you perform a basement construction or basement renovation project, get the basement construction specialists to check for indications of water-related problems. Common signs are water coming through the walls, condensation accumulating on walls and floors and during the summer, humid air staining the walls.

Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement

Waterproofing your basement is a necessity If you want a new usable space that doesn’t get damp or flooded. Any basement construction or renovation must include basement waterproofing

How to Do Basement Waterproofing

If you’re carrying out basement construction and you are in need of a quality basement waterproofing system there are several options. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the various options with you and advise you on the best protection from water damage.