Spring Basement Construction – A Good Idea Yes or No?

Spring Basement Construction – A Good Idea Yes or No?

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Winter is over and spring has taken its place bringing with it a change in weather, warmer temperatures, and longer, drier days. Spring always brings a feeling of new beginnings and rebirth, it is the perfect time to perform that basement construction project you have been planning.

Over the past few years, many homeowners that require more space have turned to home extensions and loft and basement constructions. These types of home projects give homeowners more living space without the expense and stress that is involved with moving house. New basement constructions have become exceedingly more popular with homeowners over recent years. The main reason is that the basement is already a constructed space, the walls already exist, and all that is needed is to transform this already present space into a livable new space.

Basements can easily be transformed into spacious stylish new living areas, including a large recreation room, a home office, a home cinema, and even a new bedroom with an ensuite and living room. The possible choices are endless.

The best time for any construction work is during dry weather and cool temperatures. The following 4 points explain why spring is a great idea to perform a bathroom conversion.

Advantages of New Basement Construction in Spring

  1. In spring the weather is mainly dry and the temperatures are cool. During the winter the earth is too hard, or frozen, to dig, or too muddy. During spring the ground has softened enough to make digging the foundations easy.
  2. The warmer temperatures allow the foundations to dry quicker and are more comfortable for the contractors working outside. It’s not only the contractors that are exposed to the weather conditions, parts of your home will also be open and exposed.
  3. Longer days and shorter nights mean that there are more hours that the contractors are able to work during the day and your project will be completed faster.
  4. The construction project itself will take a certain amount of time, starting in the spring, it gives the contractors a longer period of time to get the project completed before the harsh weather returns.

Spring seems to be the best time of year for construction work, however, there are a few disadvantages when it comes to basement construction in spring.

Disadvantages of Basement Construction in Spring.

  1. In the UK we all know how fickle our British weather can be. Sometimes the beginning of spring has the end of winter weather. The snow and ice begin to thaw, so there is a lot of water around.  Excess moisture can add difficulties to waterproofing your basement and excavations as the ground can become water-laden.
  2. Spring can also have a high volume of rainfall, again causing difficulties with excavation and exterior work
  3. Heavy spring rain will cause the contractors to have to stop work and resume when it finishes.
  4. The Temperatures may remain low which makes it more uncomfortable for the contractors and will also slow down the drying process of many jobs.

So, it is clear, Spring is indeed a good time to start new basement constructions, but if the weather is slow in warming up, perhaps the middle of spring is more suitable compared to the very beginning! Bear in mind, that Basement construction specialists that are experienced and skilled are able to work in any weather.