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When it comes to L shape extension in London work, we are the company to call and the team to trust. Boasting over 18 years of industry experience across the UK, we are specialists in repairing old buildings, as well as building stunning new properties.

Whether it’s an L shape extension on an old home, or an L shape rear extensions on a newer build, our work is done to the highest standards, with safety and style our focus. Each of our L shape extension London projects and other construction works are covered by insurance (public liability), with the added customer guarantee of service and warranties for all our jobs.

From consultation through to completion, our L shape house extension work is overseen by our L Shape Extension Ltd. professionals. With a portfolio of projects including L shape rear extensions and L shape kitchen extensions in London we know all about keeping customers happy, which is why our work is seamless and stress free.

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At L Shape Extension Ltd, our latest projects showcase our unique approach to work, delivering extraordinary results for each and every client. As our work shows, whatever L shape extension people envision, we are on hand to carefully create it on time and on budget. From L shape kitchen extension in London work to basements and lofts, we are committed to delivering high standards, unique styles and all focused on customer satisfaction.

Why should you choose our L Shape Extension London Company ?

When it comes to L shape extension London work, there are many reasons why people choose us. From our years of experience to our unique focus on customer styles and satisfaction, as well as our excellent L shape extension cost, our clients trust our work and rely on our results.

Whether it’s an L shaped kitchen extension in a townhouse, or an L shaped rear extension on a terraced property, we work closely with customers to appreciate their vision, and work tirelessly to carefully create it.

As well as this, people choose us because our L shaped extension cost is guaranteed to be reasonable, and our team works hard to ensure all L shape extension projects are finished on time and on budget, without ever compromising on the quality of our work.

When you choose us for your L shape extension in London, you will soon appreciate why so many people are satisfied with everything we do. Contact us today for all your L shape extension needs.


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Whether it’s an L shaped kitchen extension, a home office L shaped rear extension, or any kind of L shape extension in London, contact us today to see what we can do for you. Our always reasonable L shaped extension cost can fit many budgets, so call us today for a no-commitment estimate.

What is L shape extension London served by L Shape Extension Ltd.

As a trusted company in the industry, we like to keep customers informed about their L shape extension work. So what is an L shape extension in London and why do people choose them? Whether it’s an L shaped kitchen extension or an L shaped rear extension, these wrap around extensions are ideal for creating bespoke spaces and stylish property additions.

Put simply, L shaped extensions London, such as an L shaped kitchen extension, are built in a style that ends up with the extension not just going into the side or rear addition of the home, it also wraps around the property. For many, an L shaped house extension is the perfect route when looking to create a huge entertainment space, allowing a large, open plan and light filled room to simply transform their property. In the case of an L shaped rear extension, this can incorporate both a large kitchen, as well as dining or seating areas.

From L shaped kitchen extension London work to L shaped rear extension jobs, our wraparound projects are bespoke to each client, making L shaped extensions both versatile as well as rewarding. Contact us today to discuss how an L shape extension could work for you.


In terms of popularity, getting an L shape extension in London is the first choice of many homeowners. For period properties, it is a great option for creating larger spaces designed to offer multiple rooms and flexible living spaces such as extra en suite bedrooms, large bedrooms, or other spaces. In this article, we look at the cost of an L shape extension in London, and how an L shaped house extension can change your life, and how you use your space.

What is an L-shaped
Dormer Loft Conversion?

When you decide to get an L shape extension on your home the L-shaped dormer loft conversion is one where two dormer loft conversion builds are connected together, with one dormer loft conversion built on the main roof while the other is done on the rear roof. This is what forms the distinctive L shape extension on your London home. This kind of L shaped house extension in London is usually appropriate for Victorian and Edwardian properties that include a back addition rear access route to the kitchen and bathroom.

Do L-shaped dormer loft conversions in London require planning permission?

Some extensions require planning permission, but with an L-shaped loft conversion in London, it is usually not needed due to an L shape house extension in London falling under the permitted development rules. Before we embark on building an L shape extension on any London home, however, we recommend that the homeowner make sure that local regulations allow it without further permissions. For some L shaped house extensions in London, such as an L shaped kitchen extension on a mid terrace, building regulations approval is also often required when the job is completed. Take a look at our L shaped house extensions in the London FAQ section for more on this

How much do London L-shaped dormer loft conversions cost?

The average L shaped extension cost in London and the capital region starts at around £45k. Naturally, this cost varies depending on the size, design, and overall complexity of the L shaped house extension your London home is set for, something a surveyor can help you with. This can help you get a quote and idea about the most appropriate L Shaped house extension for your London property.

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