5 Tips for Heating a Basement – How to Warm up a Basement?

One way of increasing the living space in your home is to renovate your basement. Basement renovations are often less expensive to perform compared to extensions and adding rooms above ground. However, basements don’t tend to have any heating systems so you will need to decide your basement heating options and learn how to warm […]

Basement Remodelling Ideas and Tips For Homeowners

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5 Hygge Home Ideas to Warm Your Personal Space

The word hygge is used by the Danish and Norwegians to describe a warm, cozy place that brings feelings of comfort, contentment, and well-being. The state of Hygge is present all year round in Norway and Denmark and a Hygge home is emphasized even more over the winter. Why not bring this Scandinavian hygge home [...]

Spring Basement Construction – A Good Idea Yes or No?

What comes next in this article? Advantages of New Basement Construction in Spring Disadvantages of Basement Construction in Spring Winter is over and spring has taken its place bringing with it a change in weather, warmer temperatures, and longer, drier days. Spring always brings a feeling of new beginnings and rebirth, it is the perfect [...]

Basement Construction in London: Why Building a Basement in London is Beneficial

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The Importance of Groundworks When It Comes to Basement Construction

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