Basement Remodelling Ideas and Tips For Homeowners

Basement Remodelling Ideas and Tips For Homeowners

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UK real estate prices continue to rocket, so much that many homeowners can’t progress further up the property ladder. So, what do you do if you are out-growing your home and need more space? The need for more living space is a common requirement. Many homeowners perform home extensions to obtain that precious extra square footage. However, home extensions can be time-consuming, expensive and very disruptive to your home life and family routine. There is another solution, rather than adding to your home, what about converting what’s already there?

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Homes that have a basement have the perfect solution, the basement is usually a dark place where you store old and broken items that you don’t use anymore. Your basement is potential space, a very large potential space in fact! Remodelling your basement will supply you with a large new space that can be used for whatever you want. Basement remodelling ideas include a family room, a home gym, a high-tech media room, or additional bedrooms.

Bathroom Remodelling Tips

Before you jump feet first into a basement remodelling project, there are some things to consider, follow the 6 basement remodelling tips below to ensure your basement remodelling project goes smoothly.

1. Get Moisture Under Control

Basement finishing involves waterproofing the basement to control moisture. The basement has to be completely waterproofed before it can be utilised as a living space. Once this has been done then it can be treated like a room the same as any other. If the moisture cannot be controlled, the basement cannot be used without various moisture-related problems. Moisture can be treated with water-lock paint, and dehumidifiers that collect water from the air and cracks can be sealed with specific caulking produced for this purpose.

2. Decide on the Basement’s Purpose

Because of the position of the basement, which can be partially or totally underground, basements are dark and cold. So there are some purposes that are just not suitable. The best uses of basement space are as a home cinema, home gym or a recreation room.  However, for some basements it is possible to add windows and wiring can be done so that there is plenty of artificial light.

3. Prioritise Wall System Planning

Adding walls into a basement space, can make it easier to place electrical wires, give the layout some structure and make it more attractive. They can also help with temperature control. These walls are purely for aesthetics and do not have any structural purpose for the actual space.

4. Develop an Electrical Plan

You need to add electrical outlets to comply with the electrical code of properties so make sure to plan how many to install and where you want them in the new space.

5. Plan Heating and Cooling in Advance

It is crucial to think about heating and cooling for your space. There are several options for heating systems, and it’s a good idea to get professional advice from an engineer specific to your new space.

6. Create an Effective Lighting Plan

As mentioned before basements are often dark spaces, so plan carefully how much lighting you require.