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All about L Shaped Conversions London

In terms of different kinds of loft conversions on London homes, an L Shaped Loft Conversion is one of the best. With this kind of loft conversion, you can design and create the largest internal space, with additional headroom for that extra airy and light feeling in the room.

An L shaped loft conversion involves an L shaped dormer window, where the roof windows extend vertically from the slope of a roof, and the two dormers are intertwined in corners.

Unlike some small loft conversions, this is one where one end of the dormer, in most cases the larger end, is connected into the roof while the other end of the dormer is built into the roof of an existing rear extension.

When you do this kind of loft conversion on a London home, you can often create a head space that is similar to the design of the first floor. On Victorian or Edwardian properties, an L shaped Loft conversion can bring about just a single room whereas an L shaped loft conversion can result in an additional second room.

Types of Property Suited for
the L Shaped Loft Conversion

As our loft conversions team in London know through experience, this type of loft conversion relies on a rear extension which means the L shaped conversions are only suited to certain types of properties in London. Victorian and Edwardian terrace and end of terrace properties offer a good option for such a loft conversion, as most of these houses have an addition to the rear of the house that creates the much wanted L shaped roof.

Is Planning Permission Required for L-shaped
Dormer Loft Conversion in London?

Unlike some of the loft conversions we do across London, L shaped dormer loft conversions do not need planning permission in most cases. At L Shape Extensions, we use our position as an established and knowledgeable loft conversion company in London to help clients with planning permissions inquiries, building regulations and everything they may need to know before we start the project.

L Shape Extension Ltd. is the perfect company for anyone in London looking for a high-quality basement conversion. The team is very experienced and knowledgeable about repairing old buildings, as well as building new ones. Their focus on style, quality and safety is evident in all of their work, and their promise of guaranteed service and warranties for all jobs is very reassuring
Julia BishopJulia Bishop
17:47 29 Mar 23
I recently had a house extension built and I'm so pleased with the results. The team were professional and worked hard to complete the project on time. They kept me informed and checked I was happy with the progress at every stage. The quality of the work was excellent, the price was great and I love the end result. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to extend their home.
Patrick HughesPatrick Hughes
14:44 26 Mar 23
Our family was in desperate need of additional living space and we decided to convert our basement into a guest suite. The construction team were professional, efficient, and kept us informed throughout the entire process. The end result was a beautiful space that has made our home more comfortable and able to accommodate guests.
Elatserge SergeElatserge Serge
20:07 24 Mar 23
I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of L Shape Extension Ltd. throughout my extension project. They were able to seamlessly blend the new extension with the existing structure, and the finished product is both beautiful and functional. The team was very responsive to my needs throughout the entire process, and I would definitely use them again in future projects!
Kusiima SusanKusiima Susan
04:17 19 Mar 23
I had a great experience working with my basement builders. From start to finish, they were responsive, communicative, and attentive to my needs. They took the time to understand what I wanted for the space and made sure that every detail was perfect. The team was reliable and professional, and the end result exceeded my expectations. I would definitely use them again for any future projects.
Loman ButlerLoman Butler
19:20 02 Mar 23
I recently had an L-shaped kitchen extension built and I am extremely satisfied with the result. The additional space has allowed me to have a larger dining area and a better functional kitchen. The light that flows in has made it bright and welcoming. The design is modern and sleek, and the materials used are of high quality. The construction was without any problems. I highly recommend this extension to anyone looking to enhance their living space.
Charles WilsonCharles Wilson
16:42 27 Feb 23
I had my basement refurbished, the team was professional, efficient and paid attention to my specific requests. They transformed my dark and dingy basement into a bright and functional new room that my family can now enjoy. The quality of their work exceeded my expectations and they were able to complete the project on time and within budget. I highly recommend this company for any basement refurbishment needs.
Fredrick RichardsFredrick Richards
17:00 24 Feb 23
I have just had a rear extension built on my home and I couldn't be happier with the results. The builders were professional and efficient, completing the project in good time with minimal disruption to my daily routine. The finished extension is fantastic and provides much needed extra space for my family. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and can be seen in the attention to detail and the overall appeal of the extension. I highly recommend this company.
Michael StevensonMichael Stevenson
08:09 05 Feb 23
We highly recommend these guys for basement finishing. They finished our basement 6 months ago and it has provided us with fantastic extra living space. The work was carried out professionally, the team were reliable and very good at what they do! Everything came in on budget. The workmanship is to a very high standard.!!
Sebastian SantosSebastian Santos
18:56 01 Feb 23
Our basement was converted into a home office, we were given detailed advice and we were walked through what the job would entail. We are really pleased with the final result and would definitely use this company again. We highly recommend them..
Jason PerezJason Perez
18:18 24 Jan 23
My basement renovation is absolutely perfect, better than I could imagine. Thank you!
Jose BanksJose Banks
09:19 12 Jan 23
We highly recommend this basement company and their professional basement contractors. They were skilled and really knowledgeable, in local building regulations as well as basement construction. Their electrician and plumber were also very professional and knew what they were doing.
Bear GrlIzBear GrlIz
18:59 17 Feb 22
My recent basement excavation work was seamless thanks to these wonderful basement contractors in London, professional and efficient from start to finish, a wonderful company to work with.

Loft conversions london
Questions to ask yourself before doing this!

When it comes to getting started with your loft conversion in london, our experts will advise you about whether your loft is suitable, choosing the type of loft conversion that could work for your london home, and finding a builder or architect.

Can my Loft be Converted?

When considering a loft conversion in london, you need to work out whether your loft space is actually suitable for a conversion. Most houses will come with an allowance for permitted development, which means that you can go ahead with your loft conversion at your london home without planning permission. However, if you live in a conservation area, or if, for example, your roof space isn’t tall enough, it may be more complicated.

Which type of loft conversion should I go for?

There are four main types of loft conversion options for london customers:: roof light, dormer loft conversions, hip-to-gable and mansard. Your loft conversion in london will be dependent on multiple factors, house style, house age, and budget.  Roof light loft conversions in london homes are the cheapest and least disruptive option. Dormer loft conversion in london properties are extensions that protrude from the slope of the roof, whereby Mansard loft extensions run along the whole length of your house’s roof and will alter the angle of the roof slope, making it almost vertical. These tend to be the most expensive type of conversion, but will result in a significant amount of extra space.

How do I choose a Builder or Architect?

As with many building jobs, when getting a loft conversion in london, word of mouth recommendations for builders and architects can be highly valuable. Look at dormer loft conversions in your london neighbourhood, and other loft extension work in your london street to give you an idea of what you want. Our extension builders in london will always create top quality loft extensions for london customers,  working with different designs and ideas, leaving customers happy with each result.

At L Shape Extension Ltd. each of our loft conversions and loft extensions in london are designed to deliver stunning results that transform homes, bring a new and improved character to tired buildings, as well as flooding homes with natural  light. For all your loft conversions, loft extensions and dormer loft conversions in london, contact us today.

Loft Conversions in london:
Is my home suitable?

When it comes to doing loft conversions in london homes, there are a number of factors that decide whether your home is suitable for that kind of extension:

Head Height

For a loft conversion in your london home, take a measurement from the top of the ceiling joist to the bottom of the ridge timber, a measurement that should be a minimum of 2.2m.

Pitch Angle

Loft conversions in london are better with a higher roof pitch angle, as a more usable floor area can be valuable for any loft extension and how big it can be.


Doing a loft conversion in london has to include fixed obstacle considerations,  such as chimneys, ventilation pipes, and water tanks.

Age of Structure

Loft conversions on london homes that are pre-1960s are more conversion-friendly.

End Shape

The style and cost of a loft conversion in london can have a lot to do with the shapes of the ends of the loft – Gable (straight) or Hipped (angled), each will affect complexity and floor space calculations.

At L Shape Extension, our reputation is for building loft conversions on london homes that offer bespoke results that clients love. Browse our project portfolio and contact us today for great loft conversions in london.

How to Make the Best
of Your Loft Conversion with the Right Styling

When it comes to loft conversions on London homes, they can be a good way of adding value to your home as well as space. From creating a cosy new bedroom to building a stunning home library or office, the cost of a loft conversion could be well worth the transformation it brings.
The cost of a loft conversion on London properties depends on what you want and how far your budget stretches, but as loft conversion specialists, the team at L Shape Extensions can maximise your space as well as your money.
As well as taking care of the basic construction and structure elements of loft conversions in London, we can also offer some smart styling tips that can enable you to elevate the aesthetics and feel of your loft.
Here are a few L Shaped Extensions tips to help you style your loft conversion.

Choose the Right Colours

Each of our loft conversions in London are based on client preferences, from white to cream, very light grey to pastels, there are many popular colour options for our loft conversions London. Light colours reflect light and make even small rooms look more spacious and open, light and airy as opposed to dark places. With our loft conversions in London, we help people add a splash of colour to single walls or put up a fun wallpaper to bring attention or focus on a beautiful spot, reflecting their personal style.

Play with Textures

Loft conversions in London can use textures to bring real depth to a space, from things such as a fuzzy rug, thick carpets, panelled floors or walls, each able to enhance the aesthetic of your room while bringing your own sense of style to the loft conversion.


Doing a loft conversion in london has to include fixed obstacle considerations,  such as chimneys, ventilation pipes, and water tanks.

Experiment with Lighting

Loft conversions in London homes can often be totally revolutionized with the right choice of lighting, especially with the combination of natural sunlight coming in through the windows or balcony. By using subtle roof lights or wall lamps, you make something like a dormer loft conversion in your London home stunning.

Things To Know Before Starting
A Loft Extension in London

If you are planning one of our loft conversions on your London property, there are a few important things you need to consider before you make any decisions or start work:

Head Height
For any loft extension on a London home, you must always be certain that your loft is high enough to support that type of conversion, as some are not tall enough, which can cause a lot of issues later in the loft extension process.

Building Regulations
Most of the loft conversions we do in London are considered to be minor home improvement projects, so approval from building regulations is not usually required. but if you do prefer to get it, that is not a big issue. Having full approval is something we advise anyone interested in one of our loft conversions in London.

Windows And Natural Light
Natural light is an important feature for loft conversions on London homes, so when it comes to installing windows, dormer windows are the ideal solution. For those who intend to get a dormer loft conversion on their London home and use dormer windows at the front of the property, planning permission from the building authority may be required.

Energy standards and efficiency are important for any loft extension in London, so plan carefully.

Why Choose L Shaped Extension LTD?
End-to-end Loft Conversions London Service

When you are considering loft conversions for your London home, there are many things to consider, many questions to ask and many ideas to toy with. From planning permission to project timing, the amount of disruption to you and your neighbours, to interior design and style preferences, all part of doing a loft extension in London, which is where we come in to help.

L Shape Extensions Ltd is a loft conversion company in London that offers a full service, start to finish loft conversion service. We put customers first and use your requirements and specifications as our guide, meaning that all our loft extension work in London is done to your specs and your satisfaction.

Are you planning Loft Conversions - Small, Dormer Loft Conversion?
Check what Benefits Of Loft Conversions in london exist

With housing markets continuing to rise, loft conversions in london become ever more popular. Instead of the cost and hassle of selling, the cost of a loft conversion in london brings new life to a current property. From remodelling to, adding a conservatory or creating a new bedroom loft conversion, the benefits are there.

Old loft conversion Adds Value To Your Home

Our loft conversions in london can deliver many now and for the years ahead, especially when selling. Whatever the cost of a loft conversion at your london home, it can add up to 20% on the value of your property, so a valuable investment. A loft extension or loft conversions on london homes can help properties stand out in a crowded market, giving sellers of those homes a distinct advantage..A loft conversion at your london home  allows you to enhance and improve your space, making a stunning space and style statement that will ensure that any potential buyers will be drawn to the benefits your loft extension delivers.

Quick & Easy Process by loft conversion specialists

Although loft conversions on london properties change homes significantly, we try to make the process quick and easy,causing minimum disruption while delivering maximum results. As an experienced loft conversion company in london, we can complete Interior work, such as adding a staircase, in as little as one day,  while the family are out at work or school. All our extension builders in london do the work to fit your schedule. With a loft extension at your London home, an average of 6 weeks will be allocated, though many of our loft conversions in london can be completed within 4.

Planning Permission for loft extension Rarely Required

Some home alterations need  planning permission. With many of our loft conversions in london, however, planning permission is not needed as; they are classed as permitted developments unless they require a complete change in the appearance of your home.Excluding the hassle of getting granted planning permission will save you both time and money, another benefit our extension builders in London can help you enjoy.

Energy efficient loft conversion company

As loft conversion specialists in london, we know that loft conversions can deliver many home efficiency benefits including lower energy costs overall. Our dormer loft conversions in london can be filled with large windows, allowing natural light in all day long. Most other rooms in the home are likely to be blocked with other properties, trees or the street outside, which means that on the gloomier days, artificial lighting will be required all day.

Loft conversion easier than moving home

Adding a loft conversion to your london home is easier than moving. Loft conversions in london represent a great option for growing families who simply don’t want to move or have the hassle of selling, with deposit costs, legal fees, and stamp duty among other considerations. The cost of a loft conversion in london also gives value in terms of lifestyle, enabling you to stay in a certain school district, and causing less overall disruption to your lifestyle.

Book Your Loft Conversion Today

When you build a loft conversion on your london home, the benefits are numerous. As our extension builders in london often tell us, people love more space, enjoy being able to spread out, and generally love the changes. Whatever your taste or style, we can help you get a bespoke loft conversion at your london home. Contact us today, your loft conversions specialists in london, for a free survey on the way to your ideal loft conversion.

Variety of small loft conversion Styles available

When it comes to loft conversions in london, our extension builders across London can assure you that your style can be delivered and your requirements met, whether to complement your existing home or make a new look.  Each of our loft  conversions in london are bespoke,  carefully created to meet both your requirements and the theme that you aim to convey.

Loft extension Increases living space

Outgrowing a home is common for many growing families for many reasons. Based on that alone a loft conversion in your london home can add much needed living space, and the cost of a loft conversion in London is worth it for this reason alone.